Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Try Smartgroschen?

If you want to stay always in touch with your friends, wherever you are, and don’t worry about your phone bills Smartgroschen is perfect solution for you!

We offer you many useful functionalities that make your life easier. You get excellent phone HD sound quality, so you can talk with everyone for free, even when you’re abroad; besides you can send photo, video and audio files during a conversation to all your friends.

Smartgroschen app shows you also who from your contacts is online, who is offline and who is on PUSH notification so you always know when is the best time to contact them (a status symbol is displayed next to a contact’s name in the contact list). You can also express yourself and create your personal SMARTgroschen avatar to use it as your public profile picture.

What Do I Get From Smartgroschen?

Free connections between Smartgroschen users

Cheap calls to people who don’t have Smartgroschen.

Many app SMARTgroschen features including:

- Calling and texting for free
- Sending attachments: short videos, audios, pictures
- Audio multiparty conferences - talk with many people at the same time
- Call transfer
- Voicemail as mp3 to email delivery
- Funny emoticons
- Typing - you can see when your interlocutor is writing
- Good stability of application
- Excellent phone HD sound  quality

Does It Cost Anything To Use Smartgroschen App? 

No, Smartgroschen is absolutely for free and you don’t need to purchase anything.

All you need is Wifi, 3G, EDGE or GPRS so as to make free phone calls, conference calls and send free text messages any Smartgroschen user. Be SMARTgroschen wherever you are.

What Devices Work With Smartgroschen?

Smartgroschen supports Android and iOS, in near future also PC and Mac.


Do I Have To Register?

There’s no need to register. Your  e-mail address serves as your identity and lets you make free calls to any of Smartgroschen users.  

How To Sign In?

When you’ve downloaded our app, you should type your e-mail address,  set your password and that’s it.

You can call and message your SMARTgroschen friends for free. When you click the link in the e-mail received from SMARTgroschen you get extra 0,5 Euro to landline and mobile calls.

How Do I Know That I’m Connected To The Smartgroschen?

When the connection has been established properly you’ll see a green icon in the top right corner of the keypad screen. Otherwise the icon will turn grey. In such a case make sure you are properly connected to 3G, WIFI , EDGE or GPRS.

Can I Call People Who Are Not Smartgroschen Users?

Yes, you can call to landline and mobile numbers and it will cost you less than a regular call of your operator, because our app will use VOIP to do it. If you prefer free calls just please invite your friends to Smartgroschen and stay in touch with them absolutely for free.

How Much Does It Cost To Call People Who Don’t Have Smartgroschen?

(1) You can either check prices on our website (check rates)

or do it on your phone in two ways:

(2) Type a number on dialpad. You will see the price under it.

(3) Go to contact list, choose a person and click €-icon to see how much will it cost to call him.

How Can I Find My Friends And Invite Them To Smartgroschen?

Don’t worry about it because Smartgroschen automatically will show you who from your address book is Smartgroschen user.

Besides, if you want to add new Smartgroschen friends, you can use their Smartgroschen ID to find them.

Don’t forget also to use INVITE TO SMARTGROSCHEN button in CONTACT DETAILS or click TELL FRIENDS in MORE section to invite all your friends that aren’t Smartgroschen users yet.

How Can I Import My Contacts To Smartgroschen?

There’s no need to import any contacts. Smartgroschen apps uses your device’s address book and automatically shows you who from your address book already has Smartgroschen.

Who Can See My Smartgroschen Profile Information / My Phone Number?

Your Smartgroschen profile is public which means that your profile information, avatar and status can be seen by your friends and people who can find you in search.

But it’s always up to you to decide whether you want to share or hide your phone number or edit other public information. Just click MY PROFILE in MORE SECTION.

Can I Edit My Public Information On Smartgroschen Profile?

Yes, you can add, change or remove any information on your Smartgroschen profile anytime. If you don’t want to make all information public- you can always change option share/hide my number, you can also set up status or change your public avatar. Just click MY PROFILE in MORE section.

Can Smartgroschen Work In The Background?

Yes, our SMARTgroschen app is designed to run also in the background, so you will always receive notifications. Smartgroschen will notify you not only about incoming calls and messages, but about every friend who has just joined Smartgroschen as well.

How Can I Use Smartgroschen And Save My Battery?

You can turn off Smartgroschen app and save your battery, push notifications system will always inform you about new messages or received calls so you won’t miss anything.

Is It Possible To Use Smartgroschen App In A Country Where Voip Is Blocked?

In some regions (Belize, Oman, UAE, etc.) VOIP services are blocked by some mobile providers, internet providers or countries and so unfortunately Smartgroschen cannot be used there. In most of these cases, the country runs the ISP and telephone services thus do not want to lose revenues, and that’s why they block all VOIP services.

I cannot complete my registration to Smartgroschen app

Our registration process is simple and easy.

Download the application from AppStore or Google Play and install it on your smartphone; then type your e-mail address and set your password in the app.

We will send you an e-mail confirming that you are the owner of the email address used in the registration process. Please make sure that you have clicked the link in the received email to activate the account. If you can’t find the e-mail from Smartgroschen, please verify whether it is not located in the SPAM folder of your mailbox.

If the activation link in the received email doesn’t work when clicking, please copy it and paste it directly in your browser address bar. After these steps your registration process should be successful and you may start using the app.

I can’t log on

Please make sure that your password is correctly typed and that your mobile is connected to Internet (either 3G or WiFi).

To be able to use Smartgroschen you have to be connected to Internet. If you can’t log on because you don’t remember your password, please use the “password reminder” option available here.

Your new password will be sent to your e-mail address. Use it to successfully log on. You may always change (personalize) your password on your account at

I don’t remember my password

If you can’t log on because you don’t remember your password, please use the “password reminder” option available here.

Your new password will be sent to your e-mail address. Use it to successfully log on. You may always change (personalize) your password on your account at

I’ve paid but my account is not topped up

Please be patient and restart your app. It can sometimes take a little while for Smartgroschen to register your payment, especially if you used PayPal. If your Smartgroschen account is still not topped up, make sure that your payment was not cancelled. If you were charged, but it still does not work after a day, please contact our support team once again with your receipt and e-mail address.

I think I have been charged by my service provider. Is this possible?

The full list of your calls history is available after logging in on your account at Please compare this to the service providers information/charges you have received.

Please remember that Smartgroschen offers free "Smartgroschen to Smartgroschen" calls and messaging. Smartgroschen to Smartgroschen calls and texts go through a WiFi or 3G internet connection instead of through your carrier (GSM) and as such, are free [3G internet is managed by your cell phone service provider, and may incur data fees. Please check with your service provider to see what type of 3G plan you have].

Smartgroschen has no affiliations with any mobile phone service provider, and does not bill anyone for the free Smartgroschen to Smartgroschen texts and calls. If your mobile provider is billing you, then they are doing so because their records show that you used their service to call or text. These charges are never passed on to Smartgroschen.

Any phone call or text message to a user who doesn’t yet have Smartgroschen is considered a “regular” phone call/text message. It is carried out through your carrier according to the rates of your cell phone plan.

If you have documentation from your cell phone provider or from another source that states Smartgroschen to be responsible for your charges, please feel free to open a support ticket and attach this documentation. We hope that this clarifies the matter for you.

I was charged for the Smartgroschen free call. Is this possible?

Calls between Smartgroschen users are always for free provided that both users are online. If you call somebody, who is Smartgroschen user, but is not available online at the moment you can only make a paid call on his/her number.

All the history of your calls (billing) is available after logging in on your account at You may check all the outgoing calls, including free and paid calls.

I was charged too much for the call

The current pricelist for the calls are available at our website Before calling please check the prices. If you don’t know which mobile/landline network you are going to call, please dial the number and the price per minute will be shown underneath. Compare it with your billing available on your account at

Please verify once again whether the charge for the call is ok. If you still have doubts please contact us again.

I was charged twice/I paid twice

If you accidentally paid twice, please contact our support team. If you think you have been charged twice, please make sure that the second charge is not an authorization. Authorizations occur between Google's billing system and your bank's billing system to ensure that the card is valid and the necessary funds are available in your account before the order is charged.

If the order has been cancelled, the pending authorization will not result in a charge. You may also notice a $1.00 transaction from Google, which is actually a pending authorization request between Google's billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card, so you won't end up paying the extra $1.00. Read  this article for more details.

Is my Smartgroschen service blocked? I cannot call while being abroad

It has been brought to our attention that VoIP may be blocked by some mobile providers, Internet providers and/or countries. To use Smartgroschen you must always confirm VOIP 3G or WiFi access with your current 3G or Internet provider. \

We have been informed that such difficulties may occur in: Belize, Brazil, Caribbean, China, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Malaysia, Kuwait, Mexico, Morocco, North/South Corea, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen.

Please note this list may not inclusive and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Why my friends don’t see me in Smartgroschen service although they have me in their address book.

When contacts do not appear with a Smartgroschen badge, even though you know that they have Smartgroschen installed, generally you don't need to uninstall and reinstall. Just make sure that you have added the number to your Smartgroschen account and confirmed it with the use of confirmation code received by SMS .

Not all your friends have your email address (the one you used when registering to Smartgroschen) in their Smartgroschen/mobile address book. When you add your mobile number to your Smartgroschen account, Smartgroschen will automatically match you with your friends using Smartgroschen so you may call and text for free.

How to add contacts to Smartgroschen?

There is no need to search for Smartgroschen contacts. Let Smartgroschen do all the work for you. Invite your friends or relatives to join Smartgroschen!

Go to the "menu button" tap on "Invite friends". You may invite them by sms, email Facebook or Twitter.

Android: Having problems uninstalling / reinstalling Smartgroschen

Please follow these instructions to uninstall and reinstall Smartgroschen:

1. Enter into your Android's system settings (on most models this may be done by selecting the device's menu => “Settings”)

2. Select "Applications" -> "Manage applications".

3. Scroll down until you see the Smartgroschen application, and select it.

4. Click "Uninstall".

5. Download Smartgroschen from Google Play or AppStore

6. After re-installing, set Smartgroschen up again.

Android: How to play a video clip received from an iPhone or an iPad on your Android smartphone or tablet

Sometimes it is necessary to install an additional application to play a video clip made in a certain codec. iPhones and iPads record videos in a format, that is usually not supported on Android devices.

The solution is to install the application which supports some more codecs. We tried MX Player available at Google Play: