Registration and account activation

1. I cannot complete my registration to Smartgroschen app.

Our registration process is simple and easy.

Download the application from AppStore or Google Play and install it on your smartphone; then type your e-mail address and set your password in the app.

We will send you an e-mail confirming that you are the owner of the email address used in the registration process. Please make sure that you have clicked the link in the received email to activate the account. If you can’t find the e-mail from Smartgroschen, please verify whether it is not located in the SPAM folder of your mailbox.

If the activation link in the received email doesn’t work when clicking, please copy it and paste it directly in your browser address bar. After these steps your registration process should be successful and you may start using the app.

If you still can’t find the link please inform us here.

2. I haven’t received activation link to my Smartgroschen account

We send the activation link once you create your account on your smartphone or tablet. If you can’t find it in your mailbox, please verify if the email is not located in the SPAM folder of your mailbox.

If you still can’t find the link please inform us here via the contact form.

3. I haven’t received extra 1 euro top up in Welcome Promotion.

Please remember that in order to receive extra 1 euro top up you should have subscribed to mailing list on http://smartgroschen.com/page/welcome and download the free Smartgroschen application (from Google Play or AppStore), register with the same e-mail as used in the subscription and send us a notification (ticket) via our customer service in your Smartgroschen profile.

The top up will not be awarded to subscribers who will not register to Smartgroschen app.

Basic options

1. Edit your profile.

Click on     icon and choose    My profile.

Click on frame and change Your profile picture (take a picture or choose one from your gallery).

Set your status / Smartgroschen ID / e-mail.

2. How do  I know if I am connected?

Go to    and check the color of the dot next to your picture  

If it is green   - yes, you are connected!

If it is grey    - no, you’re not connected!

3. How can I check if my friend is connected?

Go to     and check the color of the dot next to his/her picture  

If it is green - yes, he/she is!

If it is grey    - no, he/she is not!

If it is grey & green   - Smartgroschen works in background, you can still call/text him/her.

4. How to make free calls and chat?

Go to   and choose person using Smartgroschen.

Click to see all Smartgroschen users Press    and choose  call/text option    

5. Who can I call to?

 You can call anyone you want to!

•    Smartgroschen users – for FREE!

•    Any number in the world!(check rates)

Remember that you don’t need a SIM card to use Smartgroschen so you can phone or text them without SIM card.

6. What is the difference between deactivation and deinstallation?

Deactivation means removing your number from our servers and losing any amount of money saved on your account.

Deinstallation means that your number remains on our servers. You can remove an old Smartgroschen version and install a new one without losing your data or install it on the next device (e.g. phone, tablet), however you will need a new e-mail address (different from the one you used to register for the first time). Remember that you don’t need a SIM card to use Smartgroschen.

7. How to save my battery?

To save your battery use the SMARTgroschen app in the background.

Just click on   and choose  settings and activate PUSH Notifications

8. Do I have to create a contact list?

You don’t have to add friends to Smartgroschen contact list. That option is available, but Smartgroschen list is automatically integrated with list on your phone or tablet.

9. Why my friends don’t see my Smartgroschen user’s status automatically?

To register with Smartgroschen only e-mail address is needed. Therefore, if your friends don’t have your e-mail address in their contacts, they can’t see you are Smartgroschen user.

How can you overcome this? Please add your mobile number to your profile in Smartgroschen account. Go to “my profile” and add phone number. You receive a confirmation code by sms. Type it to activate the number.

Your number is now added so your friends see your online/offline status.

Please be also aware of consequences of not adding phone number to your Smartgroschen account. If you want to display your mobile phone number when calling through Smartgroschen you need to add your phone number to your Smartgroschen profile. Otherwise, when you call others through Smartgroschen, phone # +48 22 350 11 00 will be displayed so the callers will not know who is calling them.

Voicemail settings

How to set my voicemail options?

If you want to set voicemail settings go to   and choose   Voicemail.

Turn it on/off.  

Set your e-mail address to receive messages with recordings as MP3 files.

Record your greeting.


Rates, balance & invoicing

1. Where can I check how much money have on my account?

Go to    and you’ll find your balance here: 

If you want to top up your account go to   and choose Top up.

2.  How much will it cost to call any given number?

To check the cost go to , dial a number – a price would show underneath.


3. How much will it cost to call Smartgroschen user?

There’s NO COST! It is ALWAYS for free all over the world!

Be SMARTgroschen : )

4. How can I get invoice for my top up?

If you want to receive a purchase invoice for your top up in Google Play or Paypal please take the following steps:

1. Sign in to your Smartgroschen account at https://smartgroschen.com/login
2. Go to “transactions history”.
3. Find your top up and click on “get invoice”.
4. Type the invoice details and that’s it.
5. The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

Please remember that we issue invoices for top ups in Google Play and Paypal. If you topped up your account in AppStore, you will receive the purchase receipt from AppStore.

Call options

1. How to make audio multi-party conference?

You’re talking with Mike – press   and add another person to the talk by pressing 

Choose the person from your contact list.

Anna has Smartgroschen – choose Free Call Connect your calls  

Enjoy talking together with Mike and Anna at the same time. Be SMARTgroschen : )

2. How to send text/attachments while calling?

Choose or and decide what do you want to send by clicking the file/voice/photo/video icon  

3. Call transfer - what is it and how to make it?

You’re talking with Mike – press , then press   to make call transfer.

Choose person you want transfer a call to.

Choose Free if he/she uses Smartgroschen.

Now only they are talking (without you).


How to play a video clip received from an iPhone or an iPad on your Android smartphone or tablet?

Sometimes it is necessary to install an additional application to play a video clip made in a certain codec. iPhones and iPads record videos in a format, that is usually not supported on Android devices.

The solution is to install the application which supports some more codecs. We tried MX Player available at Google Play:

More questions?

If you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form after logging into your account.